Exhibition schedule

The Exhibited Work and Community

Exhibition 1 Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Mid-April – Early June 2017

The collaborating artists will draw from material in museums and archives to create a collection of final works. The individual pieces will be exhibited on a twelve-sided framework produced in mild steel. These pieces, along with a series of printed plates (selected entries from the digital book) will be presented in the exhibition. During the exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to add to the work through submissions, the artists will then create additional pieces using these references before the next exhibition.

Exhibition 2 Royal West of England Academy (RWA), Bristol, UK.
Mid-April – Late May 2018

The second exhibition incorporated new pieces created during and following the Christchurch exhibition. Approx. 300 pieces (or two-thirds of the final number) of the final works were exhibited. Again, visitors had the opportunity to add to the work through submissions to the Paper Wreath, leading to the  inspiration for new pieces.

Exhibition 3 Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, Australia
October 2018 – October 2019

The collaborating artists will exhibit the final wreath form (with approximately 600 pieces) including additional pieces made through but not limited to material sourced in Christchurch & Bristol and from additional archival materials to present the final works. More information on the Shrine of Remembrance exhibition can be found here: https://www.shrine.org.au/Exhibitions/Temporary-Exhibitions/Flowers-of-War